[ about me]

y name is Sara, I was born and raised in Colombia in a coffee grower’s family.
From a very young age coffee has been part of my life.
Growing up in the very heart of the coffee production in Colombia
has allowed me to experience and learn about the whole process from within.

I studied with the National Learning Service of Colombia (SENA) and the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia for more than 5 years.

Coffee cupping.
Roasting and Profile development.

I am a current member of the National Federation of Coffee Growers and
Jerico’s Growers National Corporative.

I have produced a variety of specialty coffee profiles directly from our coffee farm and sold them to many clients in the US, Australia, and South Korea. 
I have also traveled the world to expand my knowledge on coffee consumers
and producer countries, from Panama, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, England,
so I have seen the coffee culture from different points of view.

With my knowledge and
my network I can help you to:

Develop coffee cupping skills; we will learn about different Colombian profiles, identify flavors, aroma, learn about coffee history and how to score the coffee samples.

Find the right coffee producer for you and your company, develop the perfect coffee profile and give you the right tools for your coffee business.

Do you have any special need?

 Together we can design a strategy

to find out what you are looking for.