5 facts about coffee’s origins

5) The coffee’s origins is related to a legend that says that coffee was discovered at least 1000 years ago by a Ethiopian goatherder called Kaldi.

He realized their goats were eating leaves and red cherries of a very different tree.

Astonish, and with some doubts he tried the red fruits and felt stimulated, alert and with a lot of energy, and thats how everything started.

4) Arabs were the first that trade coffee, they were very protective and careful with coffee, the coffee cherries were boiled and half roast in order to guarantee that someone else couldn’t cultivate.

But somehow someone managed to take some seeds out of the region and they were cultivated in India, and then the coffee stared to spread all over the world.

It was a slow process but, little by little the coffee was all around the world.

3) After discover the incredible stimulating effects of the coffee and how coffee became a important trading commodity.

New spaces were created know as “School for wise”, where politician, artist and wise mans went to discuss different topics, culture, arts, painting, politics and all kind of important topics.

2) Coffee was introduced to Turkey in the late fiffteenth century and happens to be a very popular beverage.

So much so Tukish law started that a woman can asked and annulment of the marriage if the husband did not provide her with a daily ration of coffee.

1) Coffee was consider a beverage that stimulated the mind.

As one anonymous English poem says: Coffee was “…that grave and wholesome liquor, that heals the memory, revives de sad, and cheers the spirit without making mad”