Find the right coffee producer


I would be delighted to find the right coffee producer for you and your company, develop the perfect coffee profile and give you the right tools for your coffee business.

With my knowledge and network i can introduce you to different coffee farmers of Colombia, you don’t have to come to Colombia to find the perfect coffee i can do the hard work for you, send you coffee sample, develop a special profile and be that puzzle thats missing in your business.
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Coffee trade linkages

Source the right coffee producer for your business, thought our network we can find different options according to your company, budget and necessities.

 As a current member of the National Federation of Coffee Growers and Jerico’s Growers National Corporative, i can link you to coffee farmers and help you through the process until the deal is close.

Coffee quality standards

Control and supervise the quality of your coffee producer through strategies that improve and provide consistency and quality to your company our business.

I was born and raised in Colombia in a coffee grower’s family. Growing up in the very heart of the coffee production in Colombia gave me experience necessary to supervise good practices that will get the best results and by default great quality coffee.


Coffee profile development

Develop or evaluate your best coffee profile and find out the best result for your coffee blend.

I have produced a variety of specialty coffee profiles including naturals, honeys and washes directly from our coffee farm and sold them to many clients in the US, Australia, and South Korea.

I have the tools and knowledge to create the best coffee cup for you company.

Need some help?

I can develop the perfect coffee profile and give you the right tools for your coffee business