The Best coffee shops to visit in Medellín

Hola Coffee lovers!

As you all may known Medellín my home town has amazing specialty coffee shops and today I want to share my top 5 or my “don´t miss” coffee shops. Thanks for reading my posts 😉

Rituales: A lovely and cozy coffee company that develop their coffee with corporate social responsibility. They work with coffee farmers of La Sierra, a neighborhood that used to be very dangerous in Medellín and has changed and evolve as a part of a amazing transformation, thanks to education, opportunities and social projects. It is lovely to see how lives change thanks to coffee. Try the Cascara tea, fresh and cold perfect for Medellín weather.

La Cafeteca: Owned by one of the well known coffee connoisseurs of Colombia, and located in the north of Medellín, with a huge amazing variety of naturals and honeys from Antioquia, for sure they always have one of the best coffees in town, famous, priced and well known direct from coffee farmers of the region. Go and enjoy a V60 with a delicious carrot cake.

Urbania: Urbania pours up some of the highest quality coffee in Medellín. Like most of the independent roasters and coffee shops in town, Urbania sources it’s beans from coffee growers in Antioquia, Tolima and Valle. Their lattes and cappuccinos are practically incomparable in the city and you simply cannot go to this place without trying them.

Pergamino: A Coffee shop and roaster specialized in high end Colombian coffees prepared by professional baristas with more that 15 years experience in the field. I love Pergamino and I think they were a very special key during the process of Colombian third wave of coffee because they were one of the first specialty coffee shops in town. Pergamino grows, harvests, and roasts their own coffee and they have plenty of options from Chemex to V60 and all kinds of coffee beverages.