Coffee Glossary

If you want to become a coffee connoisseur, there are some words and terms and coffee glosary that you will need to know in order to start your coffee knowledge, so let’s start and get this thing done :O

  • Arabica (Coffee Arabica): The most widely grown coffee species on the planet. Originated in the highlands of Ethiopia, Arabica beans tend to have sweet taste, acidity and different favors and aroma.
  • Robusta (Coffee Robusta): The second most widely grown coffee species on the planet. Robusta is lower quality than Arabica and it has 2,7 % caffeine content, double than Arabica.
  • Caffeine: A chemical found in coffee that contributes to feelings of alertness.
  • Coffee cherry: The fruit of the coffee plant. It surrounded by a skin, and contains mucilage, parchment, and, usually, two coffee seeds.
  • Mucilage: The sticky, sweet fruit meat or pulp surrounding the parchment-covered coffee seeds inside a coffee cherry.
  • Cupping: The practice of tasting and evaluating coffees.
  • Green coffee. The dry and processed seed of the coffee fruit in its unroasted form. Named for its typically Green color.
  • Single origin: An ambiguous term that generally refers to a coffee that is not blended and may come from a single country or region, co-operative or estate.
  • Terroir: The environment in which the coffee is grown, including such factors as soil, topography, height and climate.
  • Peaberries: A single (typically rounder) coffee seed that forms cherry in the place of two.
  • Washed process: The practice of processing coffee cherries by removing skin and mucilage with soaks and rinses, before leaving parchment- covered beans out to dry in the sun.
  • Natural process: The practice of processing coffee cherries by leaving them out and dry in the sun.
  • Honey process: After harvest, the coffee beans are squeezed from the cherry then dried on patios or raised beds with the mucilage intact.


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