My favorite coffee shop in Mexico City “Chiquitito”

Mexico is one of those places that I always want to go back.

To be honest I have been in Mexico probably 15 times and always loves it, the people, the weather, the cultural diversity, the food, the art, the handicrafts, the landscapes, etc.

As a Colombian and coffee connoisseur, I´m always looking for new experiences and knowledge related to coffee around the world.

And as a coffeeholic, I need at least 3-5 cups of coffee a day :O So I’m basically looking for good quality coffee in all the places I visit. Also I’m not big fan of super big chains of coffee I love small, cozy specialized coffee shops that involves social work and fair trade and that’s why I found out “Chiquitito café” “Chiquitito coffee” in Mexico City.

“Chiquitito coffee shop” as the name saws is little coffee, and that’s exactly the description of it, but not only that “Chiquitito”, “Chiquitito coffee” was beautiful in all different ways, cozy, simple, cute, classic and with a lot of beautiful details and flowers.

And well lets go to the point “The Coffee” I ordered a Honey from Veracruz- Mexico made in Chemex, It was delicious clean cup, fruity and good body, because I stayed “some time” there :O then I had a cappuccino and that was the cherry on the top 😉

So if you are planning to visit Mexico City, don’t hesitate to go to “Chiquitito coffee” support local production, fair trade and independent business.

Thanks for Reading 😉