Roasting Types

Hi there ! Today I want to share a post about Roasting types, I hope you like it!

Roasting is a heat process that turns green coffee into what we know as roast coffee, is a vital part of the coffee production process, it increases the chemical complexity of beans unlocking their aromas and flavors.

Diversity of roast styles/types have been done and standardized and taken specific names, sometimes of a country or place where they are popular.

Lets have a look of the most popular types of roasting:


Roasting Type: Arabic

Bean Color: Cinnamon

Roasting Level #Agtron: 95

Typical use: Arabic flavored

Roasting time: 5 to 7

Bean Temperature Cº: 165 to185

Aroma: Cereal, toast bread

Flavor: Herbal, nutty

Sweetness: Medium

Acidity: High

Body: Low


Roasting Type: Scandinavian

Bean Color: Ligth Brown

Roasting Level #Agtron: 85-75

Typical use: Scandinavian

Roasting time: 8 to 11

Bean Temperature Cº: 185-200

Aroma: Toast bread, malty, acidic and roast coffee.

Flavor: Begin complex flavor development

Sweetness: Medium

Acidity: High but less complex.

Body: Low


Roasting Type: American

Bean Color: Brown

Roasting Level #Agtron: 65-55

Typical use: French press, precolators, drip brewing

Roasting time: 12-14

Bean Temperature Cº: 200-215

Aroma: Complex aroma’s peak.

Flavor: Complex flavor’s peak.

Sweetness: Highest

Acidity: High and complex.

Body: High


Roasting Type: City and full city

Bean Color: Dark Brown

Roasting Level #Agtron: 50-45

Typical use: Espresso

Roasting time: 15-16

Bean Temperature Cº: 205-220

Aroma: Resinous, woody and some pyrolitics aromas.

Flavor: Woody, sweeter and less complex flavors.

Sweetness: High with less complexity

Acidity: Medium

Body: Full


Roasting Type: Espresso (Italian and Vienna)

Bean Color: Brown Darkish (Slightly Shiny)

Roasting Level #Agtron: 40-35

Typical use: Espresso (Italian and Vienna)

Roasting time: 17-18

Bean Temperature Cº: 220-235

Aroma: Strong pyrolitics aromas.

Flavor: Pyrolitic and bitter flavors

Sweetness: High with low complexity

Acidity: Low

Body: Full but rough


Roasting Type: French

Bean Color: Black very shinny

Roasting Level #Agtron: 30-25

Typical use: Turkish

Roasting time: 19-20

Bean Temperature Cº: 230-240

Aroma: Charcoal like aromas.

Flavor: Charcoal and bitter flavors

Sweetness: Bitter overpower sweet flavors

Acidity: Very low

Body: High

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