“Voyage” One of my favorite coffee shops in Japan

Several months ago I embarked on a trip to Japan. The aim for this trip was to visit this beautiful during the cherry blossom season and of course also visit  differents coffee shops in Japan. It was an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone that loves nature, flowers and exquisiteness.

The Japanese culture it’s almost perfect in everything they focus on.

As a Colombian and coffee connoisseur, I´m always looking for new experiences and knowledge related to coffee around the world.

Also is a great opportunity to experience coffee from the other side of the production chain.

My lovely Japanese friend Akiko took me to “Voyage” Japanese coffee shop that i felt in love with.

“Voyage” was beautiful from the vert entrance, simple, delicate, exquisite, classic and with a lot of precision in every single detail.

The menu was beautiful, well design, elegant and with the right amount of beverages and pastries.

I was surprised of the variety and quality of coffees that they had, from Ethiopian to Thai, Ecuadorian, Indonesian, Kenyan, Brazilian and of course Colombian.

I ordered an Ethipian Yirgacheffe coffee wet processed made in V60.

The flavor of fruit involved in wet-processing apparently softens the fruity, wine-like profile, it was delicately complex and fragrant with floral notes.

It was marvelous to see how the Japanese culture and love for the quientessential merges in the intricate coffee industry to create amazing results.

This trip was an incredible chance to realize the importance of coffee producers and coffee shop owners that as a team, are able to work together and make the best of the experience.