Best coffee plans to do in Colombia

Hey coffee community. Wondering what amazing coffee activities you can do in Colombia?

Colombia, as you know  has been in the coffee industry for years as a producer country, we have one of the best coffee in the world, but you may say “Sara I don’t want to go that deeper to learn about coffee”, well let me tell you, yes of course our main knowledge is focus on production, from the tree to the sack we have a lot of expertise, but there are a lot of different things you can learn, know and see even if you don’t want to become that “expert”.

Here is a list of some ideas of the best coffee plans to do in Colombia:

1) Visit and stay in a coffee farm do a complete tour with the landlord of the farm discover the coffee region in a different way from the inside world of a coffee farmer, I can assure you will enjoy every single detail.

2) Explore our National coffee park (Yes we have this amazing and fun place where you can learn everything of coffee and also Colombia culture). Take a look to the website

3) Feeling wild? You can be volunteer in a coffee farm as a coffee worker learning the hard process of picking coffee, and if you are good enough maybe they will hire for the next harvest. This is my favorite volunteer program

4) Take private coffee cupping and basic roasting classes, yes! you can also do this kind of things here with expert people involve in the coffee world. My recommendation Catación Publica in Bogota

5) Hike our mountains from Cerro Tuza to El Sillon we have amazing views where you can enjoy the stunning coffee landscapes.

6) Last but the most important you will be able to drink all the amazing good Colombian quality coffee form naturals to honeys and washed for reasonable prices from different regions, farms and origins.