Guatemalan coffee

My love with Guatemalan coffee, started 4 years ago when someone very special that knew I love coffee brought me a Guatemalan coffee bag.

guatemalan coffee plantation

OMG I still remember the fruity richness, the perfect balance between body and acidity and the complexity of the flavor.

Well as you know I am from Colombia, yes of course we have good coffees but I love variety and also I love different flavors in coffee such as banana, cherries, blackberry, blueberry etc.

This is why I like Guatemalan coffee profile so much, because our Colombian classic profile is soft, washed, medium acidity and sweet with notes of sugarcane and cocoa.

I’m not saying that all Colombian coffees taste the same or that we don’t have this kind of flavors, yes we do but 4 years ago that was a complete different thing and that’s why I felt in love.

So very motivated by the fascinating and marvelous flavor of Guatemalan coffee I decided to travel to Guatemala discover and learn more about their coffee.

A lots of my trips are inspired by coffee, As a Colombian and coffee connoisseur I´m always looking for new experiences and knowledge related to coffee around the world.

First I went to Guatemala city, with a beautiful downtown and coffee shops all over, then I visited lake Atitlán, wow that was incredible, wonderful.

There I found a incredible coffee shop with Korean baristas that gave me a delicious coffee, very well done and prepared.

I had been thinking why I love Guatemala so much and the answer is because is so different, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, nature, bright colors, blue sky, lovely people and amazing coffee, what else can I ask?

So finally I went to La Antigua, I visited a coffee plantation it was amazing!

guatemalan coffee plantation

Because of the difficulties that dry and volcanic soil gives to grown coffee in Guatemala

They do a hybrid with the root of Robusta and the Arabica for the tree.

Have a look at the image:

guatemalan coffee plant

Yes … so this process will do the coffee tree resistant to the soil and still having good quality flavor.

Also compare to Colombia they have less productivity that us because their coffee trees take 4 years to start giving their first harvest.

I was amazed of the high level of knowledge of the people involved with coffee in Guatemala.

The different process of fermentation and naturals and honeys that they did in the farm and that you can try all over the world, and this is why I love Guatemalan coffee for the variety and complexity of flavors in the cup and off course because Guatemala is magnificent.

Thank you Guatemala, I will come back soon!