Roasting coffee in Japan

Last April I visited Japan, I went to see one of the most amazing things you can see in the world “The cherry blossom season”.

During my trip I meet a super cool musician and entrepreneur girl called Akiko who introduced me to his coffee roaster friend from the brand MAMEDOI, where I had an amazing experience roasting coffee in Japan.

He was really open and attentive showing me his Coffee roaster office.


Also he introduced me to all the different coffees he had for roasting from around the world, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Colombia J, Kenya, Brasil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania … I was amazed and super exited.

Green coffee sacks

Coffee in Japan is a big industry.

Japan is a country where the culture of coffee is consider very important.

You can see coffee shops all over Japan, with amazing baristas and with very good quality coffee.

As a Colombian and coffee connoisseur I´m always looking for new experiences and knowledge related to coffee around the world.

I was surprised of the high level of knowledge and expertise, he is a huge coffee fan, it blew me away the variety of his stock as well as the love he projects on his work.

It was lovely to see how the Japanese culture and love for the quintessential merges in the intricate coffee roasting process to create amazing results.

The list of differents coffees he buys around the world.

He told me, he sources coffee beans from around the world and roast them to distribute in different places in Japan, his favorite origin is Guatemala, he works directly with a farmer how keeps a very close control and consistency on his product.

During the roasting process

That afternoon he roasted Colombian coffee for us, it was a classic Colombian profile (soft, washed, medium acidity and sweet with notes of sugarcane and cocoa) also he gave us a small bag of freshly roasted beans which I treasured very much.

The coffee bag he gave us

After more than one month traveling in Japan this visit was a little bit of a nostalgic experience.

Thanks MAMEDOI for welcoming us it was great!