About Colombian Coffee

About Colombian Coffee

I been recently thinking about this kind of questions that all people ask you as a Colombian working in the coffee world, one of those questions is:

Why Colombian Coffee is so special? So today I will speak a little bit about this topic.

1) Because all our coffee is “Arabica”

What is Arabica? The most widely grown coffee species on the world. Originated in the highlands of Ethiopia, Arabica beans tend to have sweet taste, acidity and different favors and aroma.

2) Single origin: This means that the coffee that is not blended and may come from a single country or region, co-operative or estate, so it means is 100% pure coffee.

Sometimes blends are done for the purpose of mix different coffees and have other flavors or profiles, but also in some blends people buy cheap coffee and blend it with better quality coffee in order to have more profit $.

3) Terroir: The environment in which the coffee is grown, including such factors as soil, topography, height and climate. We have the perfect geography between o 4,000 and 6,000 feet (1,200 to 1,800 meters). And also we are privileged for been in the coffee zone or “bean belt” (30ºN and 30ºS).

4) Our coffee is carefully hand picked, they are subjected to the highest quality standards and requirements. Crafted to accentuate the natural qualities and the environmental conditions that develop a 100% Arabica world first coffee.

5) We have a classic Colombian profile (soft, washed, medium acidity and sweet with notes of sugarcane and cocoa) that most of the people like it, basic, simple but delicious.